The company has a strong R&D team, with 25 senior software engineers and 10 hardware engineers, all of whom have more than 10 years of experience in the field of wireless audio and video transmission, 3 production and assembly lines, 3 production process engineers, and wireless laboratory, aging workshop, shielding room, low-temperature testing, etc! Since 2012, the founder of the company has led more than ten engineers who have worked in the wireless field for more than 10 years to establish Jiasong Technology, and cooperated with 2.4G, 915mhz, 868mhz at home and abroad. Chip manufacturers participate in the design of chip software and hardware applications. The team has a deep accumulation of software and hardware technology in the field of wireless low-power audio and video transmission. In addition, a large amount of research and development resources have been invested for a long time to do more in-depth research in the field of wireless low-power audio and video transmission. In fact, it has its own core technology in the field of wireless low-power audio and video transmission.

The company has always been on the basis of wireless, and has been constantly reforming and innovating. It has successfully developed 2.4G, 915mhz.868mhz, digital wireless low-power video transmission module, with an average standby current of 100uA, capable of transmitting 1080P, 25 frames of video, and supporting two-way voice, which has achieved another new milestone in China's modern digital society. On this basis, the company continuously updates product types and quality to meet customer needs; Based on our unremitting pursuit of "quality, technology, price and service", we have created win-win conditions for mutual benefit, developed various forms of cooperation with customers, and won the praise and cooperation of the top 10 domestic security customers.



Baby Monitor: Safeguarding Baby's Safety with Smart Care


In modern families, with the continuous advancement of technology, baby monitors have become one of the essential parenting tools for many parents. They not only allow real-time monitoring of baby's activities but also provide functions such as remote access and smart alerts, bringing great convenience and peace of mind to parents. As a product manager of baby monitors, I deeply understand their importance in the family and have been fortunate to participate in the development of numerous projects and products, accumulating rich industry experience. In this article, I will share some professional knowledge and insights about baby monitors, hoping to provide valuable information and references for you.



Smart Doorbell: PIR Motion Detection and Real-time Video Analysis


With the continuous development of smart home technology, smart doorbells have become increasingly intelligent and accurate in their video analysis capabilities. This article will delve into the principles of PIR motion detection and real-time video analysis in smart doorbells, exploring their crucial role in enhancing user experience and security.



Smart Doorbell: Innovations in Energy Efficiency and Intelligent Power Supply


As the smart home market continues to evolve rapidly, smart doorbells have become increasingly popular among consumers for home security monitoring systems. However, this popularity also brings higher demands for energy efficiency and power supply. This article will delve into the technologies of energy-saving modes, low-power design, smart charging techniques, choice of power supply methods, and intelligent management systems in smart doorbells, aiming to provide technical support and guidance for the development of smart doorbells.



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